Monday, February 6, 2012


Haven't updated in a while sorry!

I will be tattooing at the Philly convention.
Visit for more info.

Then I travel to Richmond, VA to work at
February 14th-18thish
I'll be doing Valentine's Tattoos all week!

Then it's off to Detroit, MI for the Motor City Tattoo Expo
Feb 24th-26th
I'll be sharing a booth with my buddy Hector Cedillo!
Check for more info

From now on I think I am going to use this blog for slightly more mixed personal stuff and not just tattoos. For tattoo updates and the such check; I think I will use this blog to share punk rock stuff, weird art projects, traveling, photos, rants, videos and sometimes tattoos that I feel like sharing. The likely hood that anyone even checks this blog or even cares, I know is slim anyways.

Go buy the upcoming issue of MRR for a Who Killed Spikey Jacket interview!

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