Saturday, October 6, 2012

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This blog is useless and empty...
Kill your social network identity.
Commit virtual suicide.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Doing a bad job at keeping up with the internet...

April 13-15th
I will be at the Chicago Tattoo Convention w/ Mark Cross
email: for appointments

May 21-28th
I will be working at Iron Age Tattoo in St.Louis

July 13-15th
Cleveland Tattoo Expo w/ Cameron Dalzell

I have a lot more travels in the works that I will post soon once everything is squared away.

And here's a bunch of tattoo photos because I've been lacking in the update dept. hard.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tats on film?

Here's the link to the vimeo video... it would automatically play and it got really annoying and I didn't know how to stop it from doing so. Check out the link instead.
Here's a video my friend and client John Z. made for Fuck You Just Panthers. I hope people enjoy it and share it.

I am terrible at updating the internet. My latest tattoo travels were awesome. I did lots of tats, hung with great friends, met new ones and had good times. No complaints. I will post more about my adventures with photos soon. I've been very busy since I've been back in boston and haven't had time to waste all over the web. Oh well, keep checking back for more when i finally decide to use this shit for real.

Monday, February 6, 2012


Haven't updated in a while sorry!

I will be tattooing at the Philly convention.
Visit for more info.

Then I travel to Richmond, VA to work at
February 14th-18thish
I'll be doing Valentine's Tattoos all week!

Then it's off to Detroit, MI for the Motor City Tattoo Expo
Feb 24th-26th
I'll be sharing a booth with my buddy Hector Cedillo!
Check for more info

From now on I think I am going to use this blog for slightly more mixed personal stuff and not just tattoos. For tattoo updates and the such check; I think I will use this blog to share punk rock stuff, weird art projects, traveling, photos, rants, videos and sometimes tattoos that I feel like sharing. The likely hood that anyone even checks this blog or even cares, I know is slim anyways.

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