Wednesday, September 21, 2011

East River Tattoo Brooklyn NYC

From the 22nd til maybe the 26thish I'll be at...
East River Tattoo
113 Franklin St.
Brooklyn, NY 11222
(718) 532-8282
Walk In and Get Tattooed!

Sweet Brian has jungle fever. Wooo.

Foot Reaper. Bad cell photo but you get the jist.

This is Terry who used to be in the Jonee Earthquake Band. This photo always makes me laugh because his T-Shirt rules and I wish I owned it. If you've never heard of the Jonee Earthquake Band then I suggest you give them a listen, or go see them play, because they still play shows. Probably the longest running, DIY, unique punk rock band out of the New England area. Many bands and people owe endless gratitude to Jonee Earthquake. The hidden gem of NH. Up with Piracy.

Friday, September 9, 2011

News Flash?

Welcome To Fuck You Just Panthers. Come have a seat and be next! Get Tattooed!
New 5 Page Flash Set $60
Email: to order
Some Racist Ass Elevator in Rochester NY.
Grim Reaper Cover Up. Forgot "Before" Picture. Oh well.
Fuck You Just Panthers!

Real updates coming soon. With more travel dates. This month probably headed back to NYC and bouncing around all over the place per usual. For now come get tattooed by me at "fuck you just panthers" in boston, ma. for appointments.