Tuesday, February 11, 2014

More and more travels

February 15-20th
East River Tattoo
Brooklyn, NY

Feb 21-23rd
Detroit Tattoo Convention
Detroit, MI

Email Falcontattoos@hotmail.com for appointments

I am currently working on a project entitled "Flowers For Men." The goal is to show that a good tattoo design will surpass subject matter and gender stereotype through essays/articles, photos of new and old, interviews and modern flash art. Unfortunately, most of the project will be in book format. Some will be on film. I wish I could avoid book format only because of the obvious fact that tattooers and fanatics alike are all desperately scrambling to release soul-less books that exploit every corner of tattoo art, history and lifestyle. Which in turn has become inevitably incredibly boring. Every aspect of tattoo culture has been consumed by the modern world. I can only hope that this project has the opposite effect. 

So far I have had the absolute privilege to have painted with and interviewed Krooked Ken, Brian Bruno, Mike Rennie, Ishmel Keller, Kyle Markiewicz, Caleb Quales, Mario Desa, Nick Collela, Erik Gillespie, Frank William, Dawn Cooke, Bill Falsetta, Chris Fox, Tilt, Erich Foster, Josh Adams, Dave Halsey, Nate Hudak, Nate Moretti, Marina Inoue, Angry Al, and many more to come. I will post photos and more information about the project when appropriate. I look forward to sharing this with everyone very soon.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

On The Road Again

I will be in these areas working on an upcoming project and doing a few tattoos:

December 27-29
Kaleidoscope Tattoo
Cambridge, MA

January 2-4th
Rise Above Tattoo
Buffalo, NY

January 5th
Olde Eight Tattoo Club
Cleveland, OH

January 6-9th
Depot Town Tattoo
Ypsilanti, MI 

January 11-15th
Great Lakes Tattoo
Chicago, IL

January 17-19th
Iron Age Tattoo
St. Louis, MO

Jan 21-22nd
Barbers Electric Tattoo
Cincinnati, OH

for appointments email: Falcontattoos@hotmail.com
Here's a few newer tattoos...

 in progress back piece
 From Chris Fox flash

Friday, November 1, 2013

No Good News Update

Richmond Tattoo Arts Festival
November 22-24th
RVA Convention Center
email falcontattoos@hotmail.com for appointments
or just walk on up to the heroes and ghosts booth

 Mustache Ride
 Tiger Snake Fight
 Vader Flash
 Mutter Museum Philadelphia, PA

Japan never happened. I went to San Francisco instead and bought all their books.
Better update real soon.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Tokyo Bound!

October 20-21st
2F 2-51-9 Kouenjiminami Suginami-ku Tokyo, Japan
Tel/Fax 03-3317-0252
E-mail inkrat00@yahoo.co.jp
for appointments
 Until I take off for Japan I can be found at Heroes and Ghosts Tattoo in Richmond, VA. I do a lot of traveling and not enough updating of this blog. It is my goal to update this blog from now on at least once a week with new tattoo photos and travel dates. For other and more frequent updates please follow my instagram @prof_falcon
 This one done at East River Tattoo on Tattooer Kate Collins
Done at Washington Sq. Tattoo Haverhill, MA
Done at Kaleidoscope Tattoo in Cambridge, MA
 Done at VA Beach Tattoo Convention
Done at Kaleidoscope Tattoo Cambridge, MA

Thursday, August 15, 2013

10 Page Flash Set For Sale

Only $60 for 10 Sheets of sell-able tattoo flash!


Monday, July 29, 2013

Overdue Update

August 16-18th
The Virginia Beach tattoo festival
w/ The Heroes and Ghosts Tattoo Crew
email falcontattoos@hotmail.com to get in or walk on up!

September 6-8th
The Meeting of the Marked
Pittsburgh, PA
w/ Cameron Dalzel

 Heroes and Ghosts RVA

 Here's a lil painting I did for the guys over at Tattoo Paradise

 Heroes and Ghosts RVA

 Boston, MA

 at Kaleidoscope Tattoo Boston, MA

 Cleveland Tattoo Convention

Cleveland Tattoo Convention

 The Standard Rivet Company Boston, MA
Where studs are born since 1888

 Healed Eagle

Cleveland Tattoo Convention

Who Killed Spikey Jacket?
Spike your hair with beer in Tulsa, OK

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Blog Blog Blog

I will be at the Cleveland Tattoo Expo
July 12-14
Email falcontattoos@hotmail.com for appointments!
More travel updates soon!


Healed baby Jesus

Japan KRUW Special

Hubba Hubba!