Thursday, October 20, 2011

San Juan Puerto Rico and more!

For my birthday Ashley took me to Puerto Rico. Here are some photos. There are a million more on my personal facebook. If you care to find it, you can see them.
Getting tattooed by Eddie P. Owner of Senzala Tattoo in San Juan
If you're ever in PR, this is the man to see

Here are 2 of some recent paintings

A trade for Girl Elli, a tattooer and good friend who moved to PDX

And this googely eyed mother fucker is for sale

"Unfit for Human Habitation" is a book project I am working on about Boston Area Punk Houses. With loads of photos and interviews delving into the lifestyle of punk rock after the gig and behind the music if you will. Unlike most musical fads and followings, punk rock is unique enough to have a certain standard of lifestyle that meets an unspoken social requirement in which members choose to partake in different from squatters, dirty frat houses, homeless shanty towns and homes that punk rockers just so happen to live in. After the music, the real punks live in punk houses that are beyond any other normal standard of living. What may seem disgusting, shocking, chaotic, disturbingly violent, careless and horrific to the passer by is also a paradise of fun, compassion, camaraderie and moreover...home, to punks and the hang-arounds that join them. Keep your eyes peeled for excerpts and the eventual publishing of this project. If anyone has photos, stories, etc. to contribute, please contact me.

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