Thursday, June 23, 2011

Anaconda Malt Liquor Gives You....

Good Golly Miss Molly!

Upcoming Conventions
July 22nd-24th
Live Free Or Die Tattoo Expo
The Radisson Hotel
700 Elm St. Manchester, NH

August 12-14th
1st Annual Art Riot Tattoo Convention
The Holiday Inn
Boxborough, MA

Come by and get tattooed or buy a painting!
To book an appointment email

A bunch of new flix!

Totem Pole Tattoo Style
Indian Bear Head Lady

Bad Photo Of A Wacky Wolf

Cover up your shitty tattoos with a fucking panther duh.

Speaking of... Fuck You Just Panthers has moved to a new location! We are right by the Sullivan Sq. T stop off the orange line in Boston, MA. Don't bother looking for a storefront because we don't give a fuck about that. You want a good tattoo? Then you'll have to find us!

Coming Soon. Fuck You Just Kewpies! The Painting!

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